Mail Art Call

TeeToTum, BIC & Technological Education Institute of Serres, Greece organize the
2nd international Mail-Art Exhibition
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25th November 2008
Mail Art Call
THEME: Elimination of Violence against Women– 25th November
Comment: 2nd International Mail Art - Serres, Greece.
Size: min: 20cm (8 inches) max: 30cm (11 inches)
Deadline: 31.10.2008
Info: For this exhibition please send more than one work in any medium that deal with any technique at: Teetotum (Georgia Grigoriadou) / Ioanninon 44 / Thessaloniki 54639 / Greece /
No fee
No return
Exhibition Opening: November 2008
For more information please contact Georgia Grigoriadou at: mailto:gogo@go-teetotum.gr or mailto:geosaga@yahoo.com
Invitation and catalogue will be published and sent for all participants.

Information about this theme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Day_for_the_Elimination_of_Violence_against_Women

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